Custom Made Furniture by Razia Tyebjee

Renting out furniture under the name D.C Batliwala & Co has been our family business for almost 70 years and has been run successfully by three generations. We know everything that there is to know about furniture.

Combined with this knowledge of all things furniture and a creative disposition backed by a fine arts degree, I have become passionate about furniture design and making. I have an excellent team of highly skilled carpenters and craftsmen and together there is no limit to what we can design and fabricate. From contemporary to classic, from traditional to modern, from funky to sophisticated, we can make it all!

All our furniture is hand-crafted the traditional way with quality materials and expert craftsmanship. We enjoy working with interior decorators, architects or directly with clients to create a single piece of furniture or to furnish an entire space.

You can drop by our store, contact us via email or phone us for more information